Friday, January 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: Stella & Dot for 2013

Don't you just love the feeling of fresh and new?! That's one of the reasons I really love ringing in the new year and everywhere we look new trends for 2013 are popping up, including late winter/early spring designs and colors. Stella & Dot jewelry is no exception, they just launched their new spring collection and it includes some colorful, spring pieces that I wanted to share with you all. It may be chilly, cloudy or gloomy where you are but you can add a bit of cheer to your day by incorporating bright pops of color to any outfit to get you through winter as we transition into spring.

You might remember that I shared my all-time favorite Stella & Dot pieces in this post just a couple months ago. I'm glad to see that these pieces are still around  because many of them are still on my wish list, I'm still adding to my 'fun money fund' so I can grab the pieces I'll wear most often.

My Top 10 Spring Collection Favorites....

  9. Raina Earrings  //  10. Betty Hoops

While Stella & Dot is one of our sponsors, this post is not a promotional piece for them, I'm just really excited about their new line and love the quality and affordability of their beautiful jewelry.

It's January, which means Stella & Dot is offering an amazing deal again to those who want to increase their income this year and also do something they love by becoming their own independent stylist/consultant. It's perfect for stay-at-home mom's, those who work from home already or really anyone looking to make some extra cash on weekends or weeknights, etc. Included in your start-up kit is hundreds of dollars of jewelry so that you can select pieces that you love best (the best part is you'll have a whole new assortment of pieces to jazz up your everyday outfits-bonus!) and will include all the materials you need to make your business a success!

So, if you love fashion, have always wanted to start your own business with minimal investment and have fun along the way, this is a great way to do it. Make 2013 the year you achieve all your dreams!

Click here to see the full spring collection. So, which new pieces do you like best from the new 2013 Stella & Dot line?

Thanks for Reading & Happy Friday!



  1. Number 2 and 7 are definitely on my wish list. If I can only get one, I at least want the earrings in the blue and turquoise (although I love the pink too!!)

    1. The earrings are fabulous in both colors and they're really quite affordable too! :)

  2. Karla I love the Jolie Necklace! I have several tops it would look so perfect with!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

    1. Emerald green is such a hot color for this spring, I think this will be one of their best sellers for sure! I just love this emerald green with white, but it would go with so many different tops. :)


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