Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Friday Favorites

Hello Lovelies! How is everyone? Are you enjoying the summer so far? It's been hot here in Florida but the rain just keeps coming, we've had rain daily for the past two weeks mixed with sun. Dry weather and sunshine are in the forecast, I can't wait!

This Sunday is Father's Day-What has everyone got planned? With distance always an issue being that I'm on the east coast and my dad is on the west coast, I mailed him a fun little package this year filled with some of my favorite things from Whole Foods that I know he'll also enjoy and a heartfelt card. We were catching up Wednesday afternoon, running some ideas past one another and he told me it arrived that morning. As suspected, his favorite part was the card-aw, he's so sentimental, gotta love that!. There's nothing better than the gift of good health! I'm so grateful that we share that in common, but then again, I learned so much of it from him!

I haven't spent much time blogging this week as you can see. I've taken some time to catch up on my blog reading though, popping by and leaving comments on some of my regular and favorite blogs.

I realized I haven't done a post of my favorites in a while and after coming across several share-worthy posts that I enjoyed so much, I thought I'd spread the love so you can read them also. :)


1. A Little Chevron- A few months ago, I was delighted to have stumbled upon a lovely fashion blog called Pink Peonies. I'm not sure how I ended up there but I'm so glad I did! Rachel, the author, models unique, fun, trendy and classic looks daily on her blog. For anyone looking for fresh, new fashion ideas, ways to perk up your current wardrobe for summer, I highly recommend popping by. She lists all sources too so if you find something you love, you can buy it too! She is just darling, do pop by and visit {here}, a listing of all of her outfits. Enjoy! Pssst.....If you love the look of chevron, take a peek at what I created for my living room last month.

2.  The Dog-Eared Pages- If you haven't met Kate from Centsational Girl, you simply must! She is just so creative and her home is overflowing with beauty. She is always working on a new project and has been featured in several home decor magazines. Her latest blog post speaks to what many of us struggle with: Magazine clutter! I love magazines and I'm forever tearing pages out, bending the corners of others and have several magazine organizers in my office closet but I loved what she did with her favorite bits....she did something with hers that has such a beautiful, polished and professional end result without a lot of expertise, time or resources. Check it out {here}. The image above is of her master bedroom. Don't you just love the stenciled wall? It's one of my favorite things in her home. :)

3. Custom Art/Family Rules Signs- Tara over at Between You & Me creates really awesome artwork for the home-everything from family rules signs to city signs. I fell in love with them last year, when she lived about 15 mins from me and I was determined to buy one but due to a string of little unexpected house fixes, it just wasn't in the budget for us. I popped by last week and saw that she is going to begin creating and selling them again this summer as she did last year too. I love that her and her hubby create these together and she's just the sweetest gal. Since last year she moved away, we're no longer in the same state. I kind of regret not having gotten to meet her in person. I'm hoping to order 2 of her signs this summer. Take a peek and see what I mean...she'll create custom signs with scriptures, your favorite quote, song lyrics or simply choose one of her ready-made designs. Visit a list of her signs {here}.
*Tara didn't ask me to promote her art, I just really love her work. ;)

4. Photoshop-ing Spree- It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of YoungHouseLove, I have been for years. Sherry and John's ability to consistently produce some of the coolest ideas is what hooked me on their blog, What keeps me going back for more, though, is their down-to-earth nature and witty text as well as their ability to completely be themselves even with millions of readers! Their recent post on Photoshop tricks was perfect timing for me because I'm just about to take a free course at my library and buy Photoshop Elements. as I've felt for years that I could be so much more creative and productive. If you're a mom, you will love all of the neat ideas they share for little ones too, featured in this pic is their sweet daughter Clara and the uber-cute dollhouse they made for her recently. I enjoyed their little photoshop tutorial, you can find it {here}

5. Cream & Black Kitchen- As much as I'm inspired by Spring's plethora of bright, cheery colors, I am a lover of classic design at heart complete with neutrals with just a few pops of color to balance a space. This classic kitchen featured on Dust Jacket Attic, although cream and black, has just the right amount of color, texture and style. I am in love with every.square.inch of it! It is so beautiful yet functional and filled with storage options galore! This one is not to be missed, you can get to it by clicking {here}. I always love this blog for it's consistent showing of gorgeous photos.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and fun time with Family this Father's Day! Don't forget to pop by on Monday for new Manners Monday post! If you want a little weekend inspiration, pop by our Facebook Community where I post to daily, we hit the '700 fans' milestone the other day and are growing quicker than I ever expected, I'd be thrilled id you'd join us!  :) Now, I'd love to know- which one of my favorite blog posts was yours also?


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  1. Thanks Karla for featuring our signs!!!
    We'd love to make some signs for your home...I can't wait to see what you customize!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend....we're planting tons of mother in law is here to help!

  2. Karla thank you so much for introducing a few new sites to me. I love to visit other blog friends, as you know!!

    Artist Series 2012
    Art by Karena

  3. Love looking at new sites and thank you so much for mentioning mine!

  4. Made a note of the blogs you recommended Karla. You also won our earring giveaway. So those turquoise lovelies are on there way to you. Just need you to e.mail me your postal address xx

  5. Love these. going to go check them out. Especially the bit of photoshop. I'm always open to learning a new trick there. =)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


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