Thursday, December 29, 2011

There is No Such Thing as Perfect Timing

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas celebrating with family and friends remembering to relax and take time for yourself. I'm holding my promise to you of posting more frequently than I have been.

Since we're just 48 hours away from ringing in 2012, I thought it was appropriate to share the importance of action vs. perfection. How many times I haven't promised myself that I'll get back on a 5-day per week gym schedule when I 'have more time' to commit to it or that I'll paint and redecorate our master bedroom when I have a certain amount of money saved up to do so, I have a list of other promises that sound just like these. The truth is that ALL goals consist of mini milestones, no matter how small those steps might be. Momentum is a beautiful thing, each day presents an opportunity to move in the direction of what we desire most. I love this quote above because it reminds us that there really is never a 'perfect' time to do anything in life.

Several years ago, when a colleague-friend of mine found out I had recently got engaged she insisted on one piece of advice-don't hold off on having children by waiting for the 'perfect' time. She appeared sad as she recounted the years she had put off doing that very thing herself in search of that ultimate moment when they might be ready, would have the right amount of income and size of home for baby. After spending years on this quest, the time never made itself known and after many frustrating years, she found out that her insistence on the ideal conditions had left her dream unfulfilled. Every time that I find myself guilty of heading down the same path thought-wise, I remember her advice to me.

Don't let your dreams slip away because you are waiting for the 'perfect' moment to pursue them! Start now by creating your plan of action, schedule small appointments with yourself each day or week to work towards what you want to accomplish most.

Truly the BEST is yet to come! I wish you the greatest success and fulfillment in all you do for 2012! :)

Happy New Year Lovelies! XOXO



  1. So true, Karla! I'm always wanting to hold off holding a dinner party of having people over until our house is "ready". I need to remember that it's ready just the way it is... It's not the house or situation that matters but the attitude and motiviation behind it! :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Karla wonderful thoughts for the New Year!

    I am rehabbing from a second surgery in two months, pretty tough, Yet soon I will be a new woman!

    Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012

    Art by Karena

  3. So true! I'm always putting things of "until.." I need to be more like Nike and JUST DO IT! And stop wasting so much time watching tv and being online. In short.. need better time management and more actionable plans and not waiting "until".

    Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year!

  4. Wonderful post Karla and great words. We only have today; yesterday is over and tomorrow has yet to arrive. Have a wonderful NYE and wishing you health, love and happiness for 2012 Sweets xx

  5. Thanks for the inspiration Karla! I can be a perfectionist too, and usually it takes me nowhere good. I always enjoy my time here, so looking forward to future posts :-) Happy New Year!


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