Friday, July 29, 2011

It's the Weekend!

The weekend is finally here!  Don't you just LOVE Fridays? This past week has been one of those busy ones where you keep telling yourself that if you can just make it to the weekend, you can finally put the mess that is your house back together. I'm usually very tidy but things have gotten a bit out of hand lately, I'll admit. However, sometimes chasing your personal and professional dreams, letting loose and just enjoying the summer days filled with spontaneous dates, weekend getaways and much needed time with friends is more important than having all your ducks in a row.

My hubby is good for me that way, he balances out my need for organization and perfection. Last weekend we cast all of our house cares aside as we were giddy with excitement to head down to Palm Beach, FL for a weekend away with my in laws at The Breakers Hotel. It was my MIL's birthday and she certainly knows how to celebrate in style!

Entering The Breakers Hotel... one of the oldest and most beautifully restored in the nation.

Turquoise beaches, soft sand, 4 pools, a stunning resort and friendly staff
to accommodate any of your wishes. What more could a girl ask for?

The designer in me had to take a few photos of the decor. I loved that our room had a gorgeous ceramic container filled with succulents and moss, it just added some nature indoors and made it feel more like home. The glass blown seashell was a nice touch and I really appreciated the coral back on the chair in our room, it was comfy too! Lastly, the trellis wallpaper and coral lamp base in my inlaws' room were great choices by the hotel's designer.

Heading to the Flagler Steakhouse for dinner and snapping some pics on my inlaws' balcony.

We checked into the hotel 4 days after hubby's parents did and we mesmerized by the beauty of the hotel, the stunning beach with turquoise waters, their gorgeous ocean view room and we even saw 3 lovely weddings while there. It was a much needed weekend getaway for us and we enjoyed celebrating together as a family, it's the second time since we've been married that we've gone away with them to the beach for the weekend.

Now we're both back to the reality of cleaning, organizing, laundry and clipping the hedges! But I don't mind because the sun is shining and there's no greater joy than taking care of our home and the people in it. :)

I hope you're planning to do something fabulous! Are you heading anywhere special? Maybe you're also staying inside to channel your inner Martha? 

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  1. So beautiful. Did you see the fish tank built into the bar ?

  2. Hi Tammy! It sounds like you've been there before. Yes, we ate at The Seafood Bar inside the hotel the last night and I got a good look at it on our way out of the restaurant, it's really neat! They had really nice spin on fish tacos-great food there. :)


  3. Karla what a treat at a glorious hotel!! So glad you had a wonderful time!


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  4. Wow! the hotel looks divine; like good old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. Your photo with Hubby looks lovely too.
    I've spent many weekends in July at the beach. So this weekend I will be channeling my Martha also; I am quite a homebird, so I really enjoy it.
    Happy weekend Karla xx

  5. Oh Karla - What a wonderful weekend!!!
    I agree - when I look at doing things in my home for the people I love as a way of taking care of them - instead of work... it seems so much better!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. I used to pass that place often!! Lucky You to have a husband who treats like a princess!)



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