Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Well: In the Kitchen

Today is the first post of yet another new series, called Living Well here here at Classy & Fabulous. I think it's one you're all going to find valuable. I'm such a tip junkie, I get excited about finding new and better ways of doing things in every area of my life which save both time and money. I figured you would enjoy a regular dose of them also!

Kitchen Tips 

1. Opening a Tight Lid- Run a jar lid under hot water for about 15 seconds then wrap and elastic band around it or a bottle lid. This trick is also great for getting tight tops off of nailpolish bottles. Once you've wrapped it around the amount of times that it will fit, twist it open. The elastic allows your hand to grip a lid better without your hand slipping, becoming sore and red.

2. Clean as you Cook- Most people enjoy a home cooked meal but get frustrated with a messy sink and counter. My father raised me to always clean up while I cooked and set the table so that everything would be clean when dinner was done. No messy dishes for everyone to look at before or during dinner and the clean up is a breeze which means you can relax instead of slaving over dishes afterwards.

3. Making Fresh Herbs Last- If you like to buy fresh herbs from the grocery store but are disappointed by how quickly they wilt, try clipping their ends off and putting them in a glass of filtered water. It will keep the herbs fresh and they will last so much longer vs. going limp. This works great for celery stalks too, as they also need to absorb the water which maintains their turgor pressure.

4. Master 3 Dishes- Have three signature go-to dishes so that you can whip up a great meal for guests on a moment's notice. You should have one appetizer or salad, one main course and a dessert that you can make confidently on the fly and that everyone will enjoy time and time again. Here are a few perfect potluck recipes and here is a post that reveals my favorite food blogger. You have to try his recipes, they are so creative and yummy!

5. Sparkling Wine Glasses: Place wine glasses over a glass of hot water with lemon until steamy then take a napkin or paper towel and clean them to spotless perfection. I learned this trick while working at a high end restaurant while in college. It works similarly to steaming up your sunglasses with the breath to clean them.

We will continue to explore the kitchen as well as many other areas in future posts but I want to hear what your best kitchen tips are that have made your life so much easier?

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  1. What great ideas!
    I love your photo with the aqua appliances as well!

  2. Clean as you cook was a rule I learned in Home Ec in High school. It is a good rule to live by. =)

  3. That is such a fabulous idea for sparkling glasses .. thanks for the tips..xo HHL

  4. Great tips Karla. So agree with your Dad about cleaning as you go along. I'm an avid cook, but can't stand clearing up after the meal,so slightly obsessive about this point. As for removing large jar lids-I knock/tap each side of the lid (quite hard) with the handle of a knife or the handle of a pair of scissors and voila!
    With herbs, I sometimes chop them up and freeze them in small bags or in ice cube trays. They can then be added to recipes direct from the freezer.
    Also, never put bananas in the same fruit bowl as other fruit as bananas emit a gas that turns your other fruit bad (or so I've been told) ;-)

  5. I grew up without a dishwasher--well, unless you count ME--so learned at an early age to clean as I went. My mother taught me to do that and it's been something I've used all my life. Now if I could just get my daughters to do it!

  6. Thanks Everyone for stopping by to comment. :)

    @Beverly-Ha Ha, I was the 'dishwasher' growing up too. We didn't have one for a long time. When I was 13 we finally had one in our new home but my parents rarely used it. I have one now and it is very useful, not to mention they use far less water compared to hand washing.

    @Vanessa-Thanks for sharing your tips Vanessa! Too funny, I use the other tip too but for jars only, not plastic lids or nailpolish bottles (those seem to be the worst lately!). My mom taught me that trick and I use the non-blade side of a butter knife and hit the top of jar lids once on each side and they pop right off!


  7. Hi Karla! I didn't know the tip for ripening avocadoes; fantastic!


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