Sunday, March 13, 2011

Decorating Mantras to Live By

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! The weather here is just stunning with warm breezes and sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. Best of all, my hubby hopped on a plane from NYC and I picked him up from the airport on Friday just hours before his father's surprise birthday party. He is home for his spring break, it will be the last time we see each other again until he is done his first year in May so we are making the most of every moment. This was the longest time we've ever been apart for (9 weeks) including while were were dating and living in two different countries!

This past week was very busy for me, I was booked solid with new design and staging clients every day while I planned the decor for my father-in-law's surprise party and hubby's arrival also. I finally had a chance to relax and curled up with a few magazines this morning that I haven't had the time to read. One is called Fresh Home which is a new magazine that I received a free issue of as a trial. It's a few months old, the Fall 2010 edition had a lot of great holiday ideas which I plan to keep for next year. I also stumbled upon a page with a list of 5 decorating mantras to live by. They come in the form of an excerpt from Marni Jameson's book titled: House of Havoc. I thought I'd share them with you because I believe in each of these myself.  

These five things alone will change the way you feel in and about your home!

Do you currently live by any of these? Maybe you need to have fresh flowers in your home regularly or super soft sheets. I'd love you hear what YOUR decorating mantras are!

Happy Weekend,

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  1. 9 weeks, gosh that is a long time....Wish I was closer I would keep you company :)
    Enjoy the time you have right now.
    I'm a fresh flower girl. Just went to trader Joes and bought Tulips :)

  2. Buy it once and buy it right is a great mantra to live by. Whenever I have settled for lesser quality I've regretted the decision.

    Have a wonderful time with your husband. (BTW, was your FIL surprised?)

  3. @Kristin-Thank you, I wish you were closer too! Enjoy your tulips, they are one of my spring favorites that I pick up every year. I typically grab pale pink but this year I'm thinking yellow.

    @Karen-I couldn't agree more, especially with furniture pieces that are intended to be kept for many years. Thank you Karen, yes he was surprised to see 14 people yelling surprise as he walked into the private room. He thought he was meeting his sister and brother-in-law only, it was great to catch his expression on camera. :)

  4. These are great rules. I love #2 and #5, quality and bling, can't go wrong !

  5. Karla, thanks for your lovely comment on my guest post at Strictly Simple Style today. I completely agree with all of your mantras but especially love #1. Why do we spend so much on curtains only to sleep on terribly uncomfortable sheets:)

  6. Great tips. I love the fresh flowers idea.

  7. Goldfishies aren't pets :(??

    Anyways, my girlfriend reblogged this and I thought it was cute ^_^

  8. I agree with the flowers. I search for nice medium size glass vases at thrift stores. I grow almost all of my flowers, pick and display on tables, bathrooms, and in the kitchen. Best plants for flowers? Tulips in spring, hydrides and daisies in summmer. Mums in the fall. All are perennials, so they come up every year. I plant close to house with drip hose and timer. Never worry about watering. Flowers give a special feeling to rooms;)

    1. Sounds like you love your flowers. I'm also a big fan of perennials. They are the gift that keeps on giving! :)

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