Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Year, New Look!

We've had a little refresh over her at The Classy Woman blog! If you're reading this post from a feed reader, I hope you'll pop by so you can see my new blog design makeover that I first told you about {here}.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new design. :) Although I've been on twitter for a while, I recently started a Facebook community page too, so I hope you'll check it out. Lastly, if you have my old blog button on your site, I hope you'll update it with the shiny new version in my sidebar.

For the past year I've been looking at blog designs and various designers but I just wasn't ready to take the plunge as I still wanted a bit more time to think about how I wanted the site to look and feel. In January I celebrated my 2-Year Blogiversary and thought this would be a gift to myself to celebrate.

Last month as I took a look again at Marina's website: Penny Lane Designs (*update: she has closed down her shop to focus on her family)I happened upon a super cute prefab design that was very affordable and I could see from her portfolio that she has consistently turned out beautiful and unique designs. While I didn't go the completely custom route, with all of the extras she offers such as font changes, blog button, page dividers, a new signature, a new background design, title banner and a much needed wide bar and overall wider design to showcase larger images, I knew I could really achieve a customized look that would reflect my personal style and the essence of the classy woman.

Marina is a sweetheart and was so easy to work with. I often felt guilty because we'd try a lot of different options for each component but her focus was on producing a blog design that I would be happy with in the end, I really appreciated that. After exchanging numerous e-mails and sharing my vision of what I wanted for the overall design, we've now achieved that. I highly recommend her to anyone looking at getting a custom designed blog and I think you'll like her pre-designed options too, you can check those out here. They are very affordable-her designs begin at $25 (not including all the extras I mentioned) which is a great way to quickly and inexpensively give any basic blogger site a face lift.

I chose the 'Paris' theme which is actually where Paul and I got engaged. Funny enough the actual post date that is shown on the design sample on her prefab page is my birthday-Aug.27th and the colors are so me. I just knew it was meant to be! Even though I'm not a huge fan of yellow in my home decor, something about it in combination with the other neutral, airy colors that I love (soft blue, taupe and white) gave it a little more personality and pop of color that I really like.

When any new design is installed, a designer must log into your blogger account to add the new code, which means they need to be granted admin privileges it also means they have access to everything-this was a little scary for me, I'll be honest. My blog is kind of my baby and a lot of time and effort has gone into it but Marina put me at ease and had everything set up in about 45 minutes. All of my content, followers, comments etc., that I had previously remained completely in tact. Thank you Marina for making it all painless!

While I loved my old design, it was time to move forward with a new look. Let's take one final look back at my self-created blog shall we?

Let's Socialize!

I'd love to hear what you ladies think! Here's to a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I think both designs are beautiful but there is something very restful about this one.

    Hope you have a happy weekend! Love from Norway!:)

  2. What a perfect design for your blog, one that has significance to you. The new design has grace and elegance, just like you. Congratulations on two years of blogging.

  3. Hi Karla-
    I love the new design, so fresh and pretty!!!!It fits you perfectly!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I like it. It is not entirely different from the old one. It has elements that are reminiscent of the old blog which is positive for you and the continuing of your blogging and promoting your thoughts and ideas. All the best!

  5. It's beautiful, and I love these flowers, too!

  6. Love the new design Karla; very fresh and Spring-like!
    Congrats on 2 years of blogging. After blogging for only 6 months, I would be happy to get to the 1 year mark!!

  7. I just discovered your blog, so I never saw the old look, but this one is beautiful :-)

  8. I just discovered your blog also, so I am going to have to go get the kindle version. It is so funny that your blog speaks to my own vision and I just started to blog in December. I still have a lot to learn, but your old blog background was one of the ones I was looking at? I am also a new follower and hope to get to know you better.


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