Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready for a Change

I have some news to share with you. Classy & Fabulous is finally getting a makeover! After two years of the same design (give or take a few tweaks) and months of comparing blog designers and their portfolios I've called upon the help of a lovely blog designer to transform and update my blog.

For the past two years, like many of you, I've learned the ins and outs of html, played around with free blog backgrounds and gadgets, created my own blog buttons and added various features that fit within my budget at the time-{free}. While I'm happy with what I was able to create on my own, and still love the cream and aqua script with scroll detail, I'm ready for something new and fresh.

As I write this I'm anxiously awaiting my first design proof and I just know that she will create something that will have the polished and professional look that I'm after. The new design should be up within the week! :)


*image source


  1. I agree with keeping the colours and look forward to your new "you"!

    ps: you may want to correct cream..

  2. Hi Karla-
    I'm excited to see, although I must say all you have done on your own is so pretty!!!!

  3. Hello Karla;
    I was thinking of your taste and wanted to mention that I love the shabby chic sheets and furniture. I am almost positive you are well aware of the label but I thought I would pass along the web addy!

  4. I so want to redo my blog. Can't wait to see it

  5. Sounds exciting! Love that version of "Keep Calm", too :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing the new design. I'm sure it will have the understated elegance that you are known for.

  7. Hey great minds Karla!
    I'm also doing the same in Feb. I'm a newbie on the blogging block, and decided it was time to look less functional and a bit more sassy. Can't wait to see yours when it's finished.

  8. Thanks ladies for your sweet words! :)

    @Siuzanne-thanks for sharing the website and thinking of me, I haven't seen her website before but I've purchased her Shabby Chic items from Target!



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