Sunday, May 2, 2010

YOU are a Somebody!

Several months ago I set up a Twitter account and one of the people I added to my following list was Bethenny Frankel. You might recognize her name as she is one of the Reality tv personalities for the show 'Real Housewives of New York' on Bravo as well as a Natural Food Chef and Author.

In her TV life, she is sarcastic, witty, funny and as she even admits, sometimes a bit bold and  in-your-face when confronted with nonsense and drama. In her non-tv life though she appears to be a genuine and caring person who truly wants to help and uplift others with her books, healthy cooking and diet tips and is very diligent about responding to reader questions via twitter, which is why I follow her tweets. I like personable people that make time for others and don't let fame go to their head.

I came across this tweet below on Friday night by one of Bethenny's fans, wishing her well on her 7 month pregnancy and new marriage:

I'm a nobody from NH, but I'm 43 yr old mom of 3 & have the very best thoughts for u right now. Good luck.

Bethenny's immediate reply:


My heart sank when I read this and I felt compelled to share it with you all. I couldn't believe this mother of three had called herself a 'nobody'. :(

For anyone else that may feel the same way from time to time because you feel your job as a student, employee, mother or care taker of your home or an ill parent is less important or interesting just remember this:

We were all put on this earth for a reason. We all have a unique purpose to fulfill, our own sense of humor to share with others, gifts, talents, and abilities to explore and put to good use. None of us are less than another because we are not a household name, featured in the weekly tabloids or making millions from being in the public eye. Many female 'celebrities' are famous simply for being famous and countless others are in the spotlight on an almost daily basis for all the wrong reasons. It's not the kind of legacy I would ever want to leave behind.

Remember the many facets of who you are. For many of us this includes being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, niece, cousin, colleague, team mate, step-mother, teacher, blogger, activist and the list goes on. I can assure you that you are a somebody to many people in your life, even if you don't quite feel it.

Be confident in who you are and be the very best possible version of yourself that you can be and above all be nice to yourself, love yourself. If you don't, nobody else can.

If you know of women in your life that are feeling low, raise their spirits. Give them a genuine compliment, let them know how you feel about them and how much they mean to you. Sometimes, as Bethenny demonstrated with her reply, people just need a little bit of love and some kind words to remind them who they are. :)



  1. well Karla, you have me in tears......with a very hard year behind me, I just found "myself"back...but boy is it hard to stay myself.....I live in a really small village and people here are like sheep(I dont mean this in a nasty way but want to make something clear).....they are all white en move in the same direction......and because Í wasn't born here I'm the black one....and offcouse;)(thats me GRIN) moving in the other doesn't bother me(anymore) but they really feel it as put it nicely...."strange way"..:).
    It's so hard to stay close to yourself, have your own way, oppinion and goal......there are not many people who REALLY know me, that's oke by me, had to much troubles with socalled friendships in the past. Now I am happy with the one or two girlies that took the time to get to know me better.....this is who I am, I do my best, and I only want to live my if they just let me.....things will be fine:).

    Hmmmmmm little bit sad maybe, but that wasnt my intention, so I apologize for the waste of blogspace:)...just wanted to say YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!


  2. Lovely reminder, and how great that Bethenny took the chance to make that point!

  3. came back to tell you AGAIN I'm sorry.....hope you don't think I'm a basketcase...*GRIN*...because I'm not :) just got the caught me of guard!!!

    Till next time!

  4. Lynda-Thank you for sharing what was on your heart, your true feelings. We all struggle with different areas of our life, and when I first moved to the U.S. away from my home Country Canada, there were a lot of changes for me. I had questioned decisions I was making, if they were good for me and wondered how I would make new friends in FL that would live up to my favorite oldest friends in Toronto. That latter part I'm still working on, but meeting great women bloggers has really been amazing.

    I don't think you are a basketcase at all. And any comment from the heart can never be a 'waste of blogspace'. Thanks for being real! I wish more women would remove their reserved armour and share how they feel. It would make them and everyone else feel 'normal'. ;)

    Blessings on you and your day!


  5. It makes me sad when I hear someone constantly put herself down. My guess is that her comments were a learned response by the types of comments (or perhaps lack of compliments) she received over the years. I totally agree with your assessment that a few kind words can lift a person's spirits. You never know when a word of praise might be exactly what someone needs to hear.

  6. Arrived here via Lynda's blog... & like it here!
    You're soooo right in this post!
    I'll be back soon!!

  7. Hi dear Karla and first of all thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.

    This post is so wondeful and touching! I loved every single word!! I think that blogging is a wonderful way for sharing some love and remind people who they are!!!

    Have a nice day!

  8. Hi Karla- WHat an amazing post, I'm so glad you shared this! I'm so glad aBethany got right back to her with such a touching comment, maybe that is all she needed! We have all gone throuh our highs and lows and it's just nice to hear you are important and loved from a friend.
    Have a wonderful week friend :)

  9. Hi Karla,
    What a fabulous post!

    I can't recall exactly how I stumbled across your beautiful blog tonight, but I am so happy that I did.

    This was a message that I clearly needed to hear this night, and for that, I thank you.

    So nice to meet you!


  10. Thanks Anne for stopping by to read my post. I'm glad it was just what you needed. That is always my hope when I write blog entries. It's really nice to meet you as well! :)



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