Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Inspiration Room & Bathroom Eye Candy


I find inspiration for blog posts, my books, and creative decor projects in so many great places. I am so grateful to have so many of them available to me in the form of blogs. There is a specific room in our home though that always seems to bring about inspiring ideas: our guest bathroom.

This is really no new phenomenon, for my entire life (even as a child) I can remember being inspired in there. Whether I'm blow drying my hair, soaking in the tub or taking a refreshing shower after a sticky FL day, my mind seems to wander to a creative place that I don't seem to experience anywhere else.

Recently I was getting ready to meet up with a design client and I almost couldn't leave the house, one idea after the next kept popping into my mind for some future books that I've already begun writing (even though I'm still in the final stages of the first one). I had to keep running into the bedroom and jotting everything down so I wouldn't forget. Eventually I brought the pen and paper into the bathroom with me. I call this my creative flow, it's not everyday that I get a total downpour of creative ideas and I was sad to leave for my appointment because I would have loved to have sat at my desk in front of my laptop and continued writing. Thankfully, I have my notes so hopefully today I can pick up where I left off.

Let me also say that my bathroom is not dreamy, so it's not about the decor. LOL. We live in a 50 year old home and have the oh so lovely yellow tub, toilet, sink combo  in our guest bathroom (which is also my bath since our master bath is the size of a powder room!). But it doesn't end there, we also have inset accent tiles in yellow too and the baseboard tiles too along with toilet roll holder and built in toothbrush and soap holder on the wall.

Our master bath finally has a while toilet and sink and a stand-up shower but has the lovely blue tiles, etc. I hope to replace the sink, tub and toilet but feel like it's a bit of a waste without removing the rest. We can't afford to remodel either one (they both need a complete overhaul) so I've worked with the counter top colors and incorporated a serene and spa-like feel as best as I could with paint, framed art, towels, elegant shower curtain and some pretty counter top accessories. We did invest in a new white framed mirror to replace the builder basic one, a new sink faucet, lighting and accessories. With $500 spent it looks a million times better than when I moved into hubby's surfer/beachy themed bathroom.

When I browse blogs, watch HGTV or look at pics online, I can't help but dream about what our bathroom would look like if we did remodel. Here are some bathroom pics and soaker tubs that I think are gorgeous, all for different reasons.

The colors have me here and I love marble. So peaceful looking, Sarah Richardson never disappoints.

Here is another design from Sarah. Traditional, Elegant and so functional.

I love this chair in the bathroom and the soaker tub is divine. That stand up shower is huge! Yet another beautiful design by Sarah, she is my favorite designer-creative, bold and incredibly talented.

This has such charm and it perfect for a shabby chic cottage. I think what I love the most is the window right at the tub level (on a large, private piece of property of course) as well as the tub and paneling. Photo from My Home Ideas.

This is a Candice Olson design. I love the clean lines and sparkly glamour.

Again with the soaker tub! This one is by Michael Smith (designer for the Obama's new digs). This bath was featured in House Beautiful.

I love the color teal, it doesn't exist anywhere in my home but wouldn't this make for a fun children's bathroom? Pic is from Canadian House and Home magazine.


Spa bath from House Beautiful. So clean, crisp and inviting.

I love this mirror and vessel sink, the cabinet color is spot on too! Another bathroom by fabulous Sarah Richardson Design.

I wouldn't normally go for this green but this would make another great color scheme for a kids bathroom. It's so bright and cheery. I found this on the Better Homes and Gardens site.

I love the natural elements in this little bath. Simple yet so clean and fresh. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

I'm a huge fan of the blog Young House Love. Sherry and John have a knack for transforming rooms. Their home is gorgeous. Check out their bath reveal! I love the color scheme and materials they used. Their powder bath is gorgeous too, I adore the two-tone stripes! I hope to use them in a bedroom some day. :) Do you love their style as much as I do? HERE  is their house tour of dramatic before and after photos.

Do you have a special room in your home that seems to evoke creative ideas? Maybe it's a tranquil hammock in your yard? Your comfy and dreamy bedroom? In a poolside lounge chair on your back porch? I'd love to hear about what rooms or other places inspire you!


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. You have a nice place here..you are so right..we find inspiration in things all around us!!

  3. I tend to get inspired in two ways. First, while working out. Second, while soaking in the tub afterward. I know what you mean about having that momentum going and not wanting to lose it.

    Thanks again for suggesting the glossy black for my coffee table. I am really loving the way it looks!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! We're loving all the inspiration images that you've collected here. We're totally drooling!

    s (& j)

  5. Hi Karla-
    Oh I love Sarah, her designs are always so dreamy! I'll have to go check out Young House, thanks for the link. Hope your having a great week!

  6. Sherry: With millions of readers on your site per month, I'm so honored that you popped by and left a comment. :)

    Kristin: You're welcome!

    Karen: Yes, working out does that for me too, and bubble baths just melt everything away.

    Te La Ma Maria & Arti-Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. :)


  7. Karla,
    I think your blog is very nice.
    I like to be classy and fabulous :) but I have no money :) so I go around visiting blogs with good ideas and nice photos. Thank´s for your posts.

  8. Maria-Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment and for following me. :)

    I am with you-I really enjoy visiting other blogs for inspiring ideas and pretty photos. Don't worry-you don't need to have money to be classy and fabulous. I also love that a beautiful home can be created on even a tiny budget. Little by little, day by day.


  9. Beautiful inspiration pictures! If I had to choose one, it would be hard to do.
    I have been reading young house love for a long time, they are such a great team!

  10. Pretty bathrooms! I really like the bathroom with some flower on the sink it looks unique and adds color in the bathroom.


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