Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

One particular song has been running through my mind. Normally if it's a typical catchy song on the radio, it can be somewhat annoying, but this one is beautiful and powerful. Upon reflection, this song is actually perfect for the current season of my life. I have a lot of new things taking place right now, and while I'm really enjoying everthing I'm working on, some days it feels as if challenges are beating me down or are reminding me of past failures, even if for a brief moment.

The song is called 'Our God is Greater' by the artist Chris Tomlin. Here is the Youtube video which displays the lyrics and some beautiful images too. I hope this song will inspire your day!

When the circumstances of life feel like they are taking over, overwhelming us and pushing us down, we need to remember that they are all but temporary. Our awesome and Almighty God is FOR us, so who then who could ever stop us or stand against? God is greater than ANY of our challenges and problems.

Have a blessed day!

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