Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natural Beauty: Homemade Body Scrub

I don't know about you, but the winter months always leave my skin so dry. Living in Florida this is generally never a problem but we've had an unusually cold winter this time around. In order to keep my hands, feet and skin all over feeling soft and supple I rely on this super easy and natural scrub. I love it because it contains no artificial fragrances, no dyes or color or the worry of parabens and other toxic ingredients. It only contains two essential ingredients straight from your kitchen!


1 tsp-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I always by the kind in glass, no chance of BPA)
1.5 tsp- Sea Salt (you can also use plain sugar as an alternative but be sure you use 2 tsps as it dissolves)

OPTIONAL: 1 drop of 100% Natural Essential Oil (such as orange, lavender, peppermint, etc.)

*You can easily increase this to a large quantity to cover your whole body while in the shower by using 1/2 cup of olive oil and  3/4 cup sea salt with roughly 6 drops of the essential oils. Be sure to make a new batch every time instead of creating a batch ahead of time. TIP: Always keep your olive oil in a cool, dark place to keep it's many health benefits from being destroyed.

I'm not super fancy when I do this and I typically do the hand scrub in the kitchen. You just pour the salt into your hand then the olive oil and a drop of orange essence oil and  mix it all together for about 2-3 minutes. Once you are finished, your hands will be oily so you can just rinse them with warm water and an all-natural hand soap into a lather and pat dry.

Your hands will be soft and silky afterwards. For additional moisture or overnight repair feel free to add some hand lotion or try 100% pure jojoba oil afterwards. You can follow this up with some cotton sleeping gloves or a pair of socks. This is especially great for feet!

On a side note I'm a bit of an extra virgin olive oil junkie. To help combat dryness from the inside out, consume more of it by drizzling it on top of your salad and existing dressing, use it on top of pasta, use with balsamic vinegar on tomatoes, the list goes on! My favorite no-fail combination for ANY recipe is extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, freshly pressed garlic cloves. You can add it to any pasta dish, chicken, fish, salad, and it always tastes great. Try it out, I think you'll like it!

Happy Moisturizing!


  1. I just adore your blog! I stumbled upon it randomly on Google and it is so well done. Beautiful posts and layout. I really enjoy reading it so much! xoxo

  2. Thank you Logan! You just made my day! :) I always strive to make it easy to read, airy and visually pleasing.

    I love hearing from my readers and I'm glad you found me, even if it was randomly, because isn't that the best kind of find?

  3. Thank you so much Karla. You as well as your blog seem to embody the very definition of how to be fabulous,classy and elegant. Please let me know about your book. I would love to link it on my site!

  4. My winter skin thanks you! I'm going to give this a try over the weekend.


  5. Thank you Logan! I'm just in the final phases of the book and the plan is to have it ready for Mother's Day. Once it's up, I would be love to have you link to it. :)

  6. This is great & so easy! Thank you for the tips, Karla:)

  7. I just LOVE home made scrubs! Thanks for sharing the recipe and linking up to I'm Lovin' it Fridays!! I hope you join again this week!!



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