Monday, March 1, 2010

I Heart Team Canada

Have you all been following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver? I have been following many of the various sports and teams for the past two weeks, but I'd be lying if I told you I had cheered for any other country than my native home country of Canada. While I have be living in the U.S. for the past 3.5 years, and I love to travel and see new countries each year, my heart has always felt most at home in Canada. No matter where I am, when I see a Canadian flag or hear the national anthem, I feel home.

I wanted to show a little love and thank the Team Canada athletes for their awesome effort and performances at this year's Winter Games. They may not have won the most amount of medals-(congratulations to the U.S.A for snagging that title!) but they came out with the highest amount of Gold medals with a total of 14 and they came in third place for the total medal count. One of my favorite things to have watched however was men's hockey with Canada vs. the U.S.A. It was a nail-biting game which was concluded with an overtime goal by Canada and I was so excited for them, I can only imagine how elated they were-what a moment! I celebrate with them.

As a little girl I grew up with lots of snow and cold and cross-country skiing, I learned to play hockey with my neighbors and watched the Toronto Maple Leafs play and even tried curling out as an adult during a work team-building event, which was actually a lot of fun. However, the things that I am most proud to have learned growing up in Canada were to give everything my all, do the best with what I had and to always be courteous, respectful and generous towards others in the process. I was raised that you do not win at all costs, especially if that pertains to your competitors so that is where I feel we are a bit different than other countries. I was so proud to see that Vancouver hosted this year as I know they would have made every effort to be most polite, generous, hospitable and accomodating for all of those that entered their city.

Congratulations to each athlete from every country that traveled many miles and practiced for many long hours just to qualify for the 2010 Winter games. While not every country can go down as #1 in the books, each and every Olympic athlete there were winners just for following their dreams and living out their passions.

I've been tweeting about the Olympics and recently tweeted about my favorite souvenir item from the Vancouver 2010 games. I love these gloves and even though I live in a hot, sunny climate now, this winter was a little chilly and I could have used these! I finally just scooped up a pair from eBay and look forward to wearing them next winter. What a great keepsake from the only Canadian-hosted Olympic games that I have been alive to watch so far! :)

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What is your favorite Winter Olympic Sport to watch or participate in? Were you rooting for your home country like me? If so,where are you from?

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