Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrity Encounter?

Have you every had a celebrity run-in? Perhaps you were able to score the autograph of a well respected Author, your favorite Movie star or even the president? I got thinking about this after reading a Facebook post from my friend who was in Utah skiing for the week. She ran into Owen Wilson but only wished she had camera on hand. Has that happened to you before?

I'm not a celebrity tabloid magazine junkie and I don't get stars in my eyes while in L.A. hoping to run into anyone but if it happens, it happens. I really just see celebrities as entertainers. They are people just like us with similar goals pertaining to family,  love and staying fit. They are however out of reach and rare to see which makes such an occasion all the more exciting for those that get the chance.

I thought it would be fun to get everyone to leave a comment with who they've spotted and where. Were you an audience member on the Oprah show? Did you bump into a Celebrity on vacation or while Downtown in your own city? I would love to hear your stories.

To make it fair, I thought I'd share my story. Six years ago, the day after my birthday, my father and I were hanging out in downtown Toronto's Distillery District. They host a lot of fun events there and have some cute shops and restaurants too. We happened to be grabbing a vegetarian lunch (not my usual fare but it looked yummy nonetheless) when over my dad's shoulder I saw Woody Harrelson. He was doing an interview with a woman about one of his movies. Let me also say that it is not uncommon to bump into movie stars in Toronto. It is such a large city, a mini New York if you will, and since they host the Toronto International Film Festival in September every year it's almost inevitable. Many friends of mine have bumped into Celebrities in cafes, night clubs and even seen them just walking down the street.

Okay, back to my story. I walked over to listen to the interview and a few other people had started to a walk over too at this point. I wasn't entirely sure if it was him or not. His interview came to an end and when I realized it was him I asked if he would mind getting a really quick photo since I had my camera on hand and it was my birthday. He smiled, was very sweet and agreed to do so. So, no Brad Pitt or Heidi Klum, but still fun for me. I was surprised that I even still had this picture after all these years, but it was in my miscellaneous folder. Here is our photo together below that my father snapped of us-not my best photo-but here it is.

I almost forgot, I used to attend high school with Canadian cutie Ryan Gossling, the lead actor from the popular love story: The Notebook, Fracture, Remember the Titans, Murder by Numbers, etc. At that time he was a star in the making and sat 2 seats behind me in our world religions class. He was actually two grades behind me, but the class could be taken anytime from grade 10-12.

He began his career in the Mickey Mouse Club. During highschool he was on various Disney shows and small tv series'. Whenever I see his movies now, it's so funny to think that we were in the same class. He was always very quiet, down to earth, reserved, intelligent and a good student. It's probably no surprise that many girls in his grade had a huge crush on him even back then.

How about you?

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  1. Some friends and I were out to dinner in Seattle and we saw the guys from Fox's football show: Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and the others. My girlfriend and I quite literally bumped into Terry Bradshaw by the restrooms. He was very gracious and took a picture with us. Needless to say, that picture is on my fridge, in my living room, and in my office!

    Ally @ High Heels & Aprons

  2. It's always fun to run into someone famous for their talents! We went out to dinner at a favorite restaurant one night, and a little girl kept leaning over the back of her booth to play peek-a-boo with our daughters. Turned out seated in that booth behind us was Clint and Dina Eastwood and their daughter (this was many years ago). Dina and I conversed about our daughters while they played!

  3. I actually have quite a few but the one that comes to mind first was the time I was introduced to Martin and Charlie Sheen. My aunt works in New York for the directors guild and brought me along to the set of "Wallstreet." She needed to talk to Martin Sheen about something so I was able to go into their trailer, stand there while Charlie Sheen ate a snack and get my picture taken with him. He was so cute and young back then!!!

  4. Thanks ladies for posting your 'celebrity' stories on the comment page. I enjoyed reading them and hearing about your experiences! :)

  5. You look gorgeous in the photo! I have been living in Los Angeles/Orange county all my life and have only ran into one Celebrity. It was pamela anderson and I didn't have a camera. She was really nice had a lot of security around her.


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