Monday, December 28, 2009

Making New Friends in 2010

Are you looking to make more friends and meet new women with similar interests? Do you feel lonely or alone at times and wish you could meet more people, but just aren't sure where or how?

A couple of years ago I was discussing with a girlfriend the challenges of making new friends in a new city (and in my case, a new country). Sometimes we are looking for new friends not just because we've moved or they have but because we need more positive people in our lives that are interested in the same activities, hobbies or are at similar places in their lives. Once we are out of College/University, making friends becomes more difficult. We're no longer surrounded by such a large group of similar-aged people.

Especially for women in their late 20's, 30's and 40's, this can be a difficult friend-making time. This is because of the varying lifestyles and transitions people go though. Some have families; some are married, some are still single and dating and you may no longer be able to relate to some women that you once went to college with or knew since elementary school. If you're a new mommy and your friends are still dating, they may not understand baby's nap times and your exhaustion level and may start spending more time with their other childless friends. No problem, you can meet other moms who understand and appreciate what you are going through.

The first year and a half that I lived here in the U.S., I focused on my immigration paperwork, starting my design business and getting our own home in order. I didn't create much time to make friends initially because I wasn't sure where to look and as a result spent much of my time with my mother-in-law and my husband's aunt. I love them dearly but I needed to find some women my own age.

In early 2008 I stumbled upon an amazing website that allowed me to connect with other like-minded individuals. I was specifically looking to build a new group of friends here in Florida since my closest ones are now many miles away. While we have the phone, e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, that just wasn't cutting it anymore for me. I longed to have some close girlfriends nearby again to go shopping with, make crafts with, scout out deals at garage sales, watch chick flicks and eat cupcakes with. Boy, is hubby glad that I was able to find some great friends! He's off the hook from pink cupcakes and early Saturday yard sale trips! ;)

The website that I found is called Meetup. The reason why this site is so wonderful and successful is because you can join as many groups as you wish, free of charge. You can join and meet up with a group once or forever! The site is based upon local groups in your own city and country that you can join whenever you like. So, whether you're into walking your chihuahua with other dog owners on a regular basis in a local park for pup time, meeting up with a group of ladies for Martinis or meeting single men in a fun and exciting venue with no pressure, this website is your oyster!

After joining a few groups and going out to meet everyone for the first time, I got used to the 'new kid' feeling and then became a regular of a game night meetup, a women's social group and even started and organized my own local ladies Sex & The City social group for those that love the show. While I no longer run that group due to my schedule, I still love hanging out with the girls and I have made so many wonderful and sweet female friends. Hubby even joins me once in a while for the game night meetups. So, whether you're looking to meet new friends, a potential love interest or you are looking to make new 'couple' friends together, this website it where to go.

I've seen groups for those who cruise together, like outdoor adventure like rockclimbing, women's running groups, raw food, vegetarian/vegan groups, boot camp workout groups so if getting into shape this coming new year is what your goal is, it might be fun to meet other goal-oriented individuals.

I highly encourage you all to check it out. All you need to do is type in your country and zip/postal code and then you can search by interests. You'll even get your own dashboard showing you all of your calendar events and it shows who has RSVP'dso you'll know who is attending before you meet everyone. There are plenty of privacy settings too, so no worries about having weirdos find you online. lol

I don't know anyone that couldn't use another great friend or fun group to be apart of where you are free to be yourself.

I am so grateful to have 'met' so many of you (my readers) online during my first full year of blogging. Thank you for being so wonderful, leaving such great comments and sending me questions too. For those that are a little more shy, feel free to leave a comment, share your opinion and say hello when you stop by. I LOVE reading your comments and mail!

Have you heard of before? Have you joined any of their groups? What do you love most about it?

Here's to making some great new friends in 2010!

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