Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Handmade Christmas Gift from Hubby

I promised you a few days ago, when I shared the 12 Dates of Christmas which was my gift to my husband last year, that I'd also share what he created for me.

If you've been following my blog for a while you probably already know that like me, my husband Paul is an Author, but he's also a great poet as well. I have been the lucky recipient of his beautiful poems for years and especially enjoyed the ones he would mail to me while we were dating.

When we were planning our wedding I thought it would be great to take one of my favorite poems that he wrote for me titled 'Dream Come True' and I had it printed on some gorgeous cardstock for each table in the reception area as another keepsake for our guests. Paul has actually written 18 book now including a 500-page poetry book filled with inspirational poems called Poems that Propel the Planet.

So, it should have come as no surprise that his gift to me was a book of poems, but I had no idea and this wasn't any old book. He took a cute pink flexi binder and filled it with poems affixed to scrapbook pages that he had purchased and then attached some embellishments and stickers to make it a fun, girly book that is now a cherished keepsake. How cute is that? He is such a manly man, but he happens to love pink and can rejoice with the girly things I love. This is just one of the reason's I'm hoping that our future first baby one day will be a girl. ;)

Here are some photos of the lovely book he created for me. These 10 poems were not super sweet, sappy poems, but rather well-thought-out, inspirational poems after a challenging year we both endured in 2008. Such is the life sometimes for us entrepreneurs! I wanted to show you the time he spent on creating this lovely book by sharing each page. I really enjoyed one cute poem in particular called 'Caring and Cleaning' where he shares his appreciation for my domesticity. He usually tells me so regularly, but it was fun to see it incorporated into a poem.

For those of you with less creative husbands, don't fret. Trust me, this doesn't happen everyday. We made a commitment last year to create homemade gifts and the gift itself could be anything that was made with our own two hands. I had no idea what to expect.

Yes, the blurry text for all of the poems below is intentional. *wink*.

Photo on book cover from our 2007 Caribbean cruise.

Although the others are blurred, here is a Christmas Poem he wrote last year that you all can read. Often times he writes for the masses (as is the case for this poem). I love the message and it's a good reminder to all of us that Christmas is much more than a stressful and chaotic shopping month involving huge expenses.


Christmas minus the mess

Is most glorious

Christ without merchandise

Is elegant and nice

Excessive shopping

Going here, there, and everywhere

Frantically looking and buying

Certainly this rat race

Has nothing to do

With seeking God's face

Neither adoring the Lord

Nor entering His loving embrace

On the contrary

It comes with a bit of distaste

As it drives you furiously

To go with the flow

Be like everyone else

Buy lest someone cry

Yet one thing you've not detected

The most important Person you've neglected

Christmas is about Christ

Have came from heaven to earth

Giving us his life

That we here below

May experience newness of life

Not that we'd consumed by black Friday

Holiday preparations and strife

Worried when finances are tight

Maxed out on credit cards

Borrowing beyond our means

Such things do demean

The very thing for which Christ died

Perhaps we need to reevaluate

And examine our hearts inside

Lest our foot soon slide

And we be overtaken by our sins

Christ came to empower us to win

Victory comes through Christ the King

By His Spirit He makes you to sing

Christ the Lord

Is fun and never bored

The Spirit of Christ

Moves you Godward

Cleanses your heart

From being froward

Baby Jesus was crucified

Nevertheless conquering disappointment

Christ rose from the grave

His life the greatest gift He gave

His sacrifice for souls to save

Christ rose again on the 3rd day

Now than what will you say?

With this Immanuel what will you do

The King of kings and Prince of peace

Who wholeheartedly died for you?

Did you hubby make or plan out something super creative for you as a gift? Tell us about it!Would you ever consider doing a homemade Christmas present exchange with your spouse?

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