Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happiness is an Inside Job!

I came across this quote the other day and how true it is! Many people often look for happiness in things, people, their children or an event. The truth is that we cannot be happy until we make the decision to be just that. It's easy to get wrapped up into thinking, "I'll be happy when __________" fill in the blank, and miss the moment that we're currently in.

It's okay not to be perfect or have everything figured out, because the truth is that nobody else does either.

Try to quiet your mind today, be still and breathe in the present moment. Can you hear the birds chirping? Do you delight in the little squirrel on your front yard stuffing it's little face with nuts? Beauty is all around us if we simply choose to focus on it. 

I spent last week in the San Francisco bay area visiting my father and everyday I was overjoyed to take in all that I could whether it be a drive along the coast to inhale the ocean air, watch the sea lions flop around by the Pier in Santa Cruz or take in the beautiful redwood trees in Palo Alto.

Today I'm happy to spend the day with a dear friend who is visiting from out of town. While we have some loose plans in place so that she can make the most of her 3 day visit, we're both open to what the day has for us. We look forward to delighting in each other's company and having some girly fun.

If you are in a frustrating, winter season of your life and are  looking for inspiration I encourage you to read this post.

I hope you'll make your day a happy one, no matter what it holds for you!

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