Monday, October 19, 2009

Which Name Do You Use?

After talking to a few friends over the past few months about our new names and asking why they chose to use the name that they did, and then finding this site last week, I thought it would be fun to pose this question in video format.

Take a look at this video to see how other women responded:

So, what did you choose. Did you decide that you couldn't part with your familiar maiden name, or did you embrace more of a traditional approach and take your husband's name, or maybe a combination of both by hyphenating?

The majority of my friends have taken the traditional route and two of my closest friends use both names together as they are each short on their own and they have also decided not to hyphenate. I, on the other hand; due to the immigration process, have a scattered array of names which began with my maiden name for the first couple of years and I have now (as of this summer) managed to convert the majority of my documents over to my hubby's name.

I've always been a bit more traditional and was always fairly certain that one day when I met the right man, I'd take his name. Well, that and the fact that his is so much easier to spell and pronounce than my former name. ;)

I'm curious to hear how you came to your decision. Leave a comment and share you story...

Have a great Monday!


  1. Karla, I took my husbands name not only because it was tradition but it was an honor for me to take their last name since they had done so much for me over the years and they really made me feel like part of their family even before I officially was.

  2. I am a very traditional person and therefore took my husband's name. It was important to me even though he is the immigrant and has a less than common name. Growing up I did not have a middle name and chose to take my maiden name as the middle.

  3. Angie-that is so sweet and it sounds like you have wonderful inlaws!

    Nichol-that's a great way to incorporate both!

    Thanks ladies for sharing. :)


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