Monday, September 14, 2009

Monogrammed DIY Ideas

Anyone who knows me well could tell you that I love love love Monograms! Having items personalized is a classic look that will never go out of style. I really enjoy seeing all the ways I can take something as generic as table napkins and transform them into something unique and customized. Monogrammed items also make for a classy, special gift too!

One of my first monogram projects was when I was about 13, it was a set of wine glasses for my parents using glass etching paste + stencils. I later used the same etching paste to customize a vanity mirror too.

Today I came across this elegant and FREE monogrammed clip art from the Martha Stewart website, while looking for some printables for making gift tags and to use on my handmade cards. I wish there were numbers too as I'm looking to make my dad a special card for his upcoming milestone birthday.

I know there are many other monogram lovers out there, so I thought I'd share some of the neat designs and ideas I came across recently.


Luggage Tags

These are simple tags that can be made with just some scrapbooking paper then have them laminated with plastic wrap tags. Great to add a personalized look to a beach bag, diaper bag or your luggage so it can easily be spotted!


Fall Table Napkins

These napkins are just in time for fall! Here are some great ideas for embroidery. You can also achieve the same look with some washable fabric paint and a stencil or an iron-on monogram letter.


Wall Art

I love the idea of using adhesive letters (which can be removed later) to use above a bed or in a reading nook, above a crib in a nursery or even in a family room, powder room or kitchen-anywhere really!


Beach Accessories

This beach bag above is a wonderful alternative to the typical canvas types. The zebra beach towel from Pottery Barn is a great complement.



Classic hotel style bedding with monogrammed shams from Potterybarn. One of the reasons I love PB so much is because of the beautiful customization they provide for so many of their items.



Last but not least, is a super easy project that you can make to create some custom monogram coasters.

I started off with a package of 4 glass coasters that included the coaster holder which I got from Marshall's for just $8. I took out the inserts behind the glass and substituted two of them with my hubby's monogram which is a 'P' and two of mine which are the 'K' shown. I simply opened a word document and created the letters and enlarged then, selected the colors I wanted and fit all four on the page and hit print.

I then cut them down to size and slid them into the photo holder (originally these were sold as photo coasters). I may one day do that down the road but for today I'm happy with what we have now. I may do some seashells or a pretty damask print, or make each a different design later on with some pretty scrapbook paper. They would make a wonderful hostess or Christmas gift and you can usually find these glass coasters at Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as many other discount retailers and even Target.

I love this monogram button pillow found via this etsy shop. This would be such a cute baby shower gift or a great addition to a baby nursery. If you're the DIY-type, why not try hand stitching those little buttons on yourself. I'm thinking of attempting this one, here was my first attempt at a custom pillow.

If you love monograms as much as myself, I'd love to know, what have been your favorite personalized gifts to receive? What have been you're favorite DIY projects involving monograms?

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  1. That was my exact response when I saw it too. lol. They seem to be out of stock so I think with our creative skills we could probably make one by tracing a light K on the cotton pillowcase and then sewing buttons within the stencil lines. A bit time consuming, but worth the end result and perfect for your new room!

  2. I love the button K pillow! I'm about to do a feature on monograms too, and will link up! Thanks!

  3. The K pillow is super cute, I may attempt to make one in the near future. :) I look forward to reading YOUR monogram post and appreciate the link up! I can create a link from my post too so everyone can check it out too!


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