Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life's Little Luxuries for Less!

I hope you all have had a fabulous week. I'm finally back from my week in Toronto and had a wonderful time! It's always amazing to me how quickly a week truly flies by when you're having fun.

Last night my hubby picked me up from the airport and had a card waiting for me (a belated b-day card since I wasn't around on the exact day) and inside he wrote a sweet message which included a voucher for a 1-hr massage followed by some cute gifts at home. He is so sweet. The appointment is set for later this afternoon and it is needed for sure! Sitting on planes, pulling luggage behind me and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed has led to some neck and back stiffness. Anyway, the place I am going to is around the corner from our house and it is really inexpensive!

Why am I telling you all of this, you might be wondering? Well, I have found a way to get great massages at a fraction of the price. It is a local University that offers massage courses and upon completion of their program, students must work a set amount of hours to earn their full certification before starting their career as a Massage Therapist. So, the school offers one-hour massages for just $25! During the Christmas season they had a special promo for regulars and it was just $20. You might be thinking they are less qualified or the massage may not be as good as a pro, but I have been satisfied about 98% of the time. In today's case, Paul paid a little extra for me to have one of the instructors, which I haven't tried yet, so it should be wonderful! The environment is very private, complete with soothing music and massage oils and the students are very professional. After your massage is complete you fill out a short feedback and rating form which allows them to identify where to improve, if necessary. Because they are being graded essentially, I find they really try to make it a great experience.

If you've been dreaming of a massage but feel you can't afford one, I highly recommend doing some research on google and looking into the Massage schools in your area to see what they offer. The same holds true for manicures via Esthetician schools and also Hair Salons too. Aveda in particular offers student services through the Aveda Institure for a lot less than their regular salons in select cities. I often pop over for a $15 manicure or $20 pedicure and I receive the same treatment and products used during a service at another Aveda salon.

I encourage you to find a great service online and carve some time out just for YOU and enjoy some of life's little luxuries!

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