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Fall Fashion Trends 2009

I don't know about you, but as much as I love summer I'm always ready for the transition to fall. For me, the beautiful autumn fashion and the kids heading back to school is what signifies a new season. I'm ready to hang a colorful wreath on the door, pull sweaters out of storage and get cozy with some hot apple cider.

In Florida there isn't much in the way of seasonal changes, so fashion is a fun way for me to perk things up. Our seasons here are very delayed and fall weather doesn't typically begin until the beginning of December in terms of temperature.

This season, there is some exciting style to be worn, a trip back to the 80's some might say, but with a modern flair. You will notice that some trends from spring/summer '09 have continued into the fall season, but with a new twist. It is said that the runway has been inspired by the recession. Designers have created strong, powerful and bold statements that empower women and make them feel confident in such a turbulent time.

Here are 10 Trends for 2009 Fall Fashion:

1. Strong Shoulders- Very reminiscent of the 80's era, big shoulders are back! This is to signify that women are powerful and strong at a time when the economy is unpredictable. Look for his style in the form of coats, tops and dresses. Also look for dresses that highlight the shoulders in the form of asymmetry and halter. Cinched waists further enhance the look of a broader shoulder.
Best Bet: Buy a fall jacket, coat or blazer that will be worn somewhat frequently to get your money's worth. You can stay conservative in black or go bold with one of the hottest new colors of the season (see below for colors).

2. 80's Rocker Chic-This one has been around for a little while now with patent leather, zippers, buckles, and an overall look of rock n' roll. Again, this showcases women as powerful yet sexy and provides an overall tough look. This was seen in Spring/Summer fashion as well where softness, lace, ruffles and frills were balanced with some leather, ripped jeans and punk edge.

Best Bet: If you like the style but you are more soft and feminine in nature, start small. Maybe you incorporate a belt, or a handbag with edge or a new pair of shoes. I just bought a pair of gladiator wedge shoes that add a bit of height but are trimmed with patent leather, multiple buckles and add just enough toughness to my more classic and feminine style.

3. Sparkle & Shine-We've seen metallic colors making a big comeback, and they are no longer just reserved for evening wear. Many daytime options have become not only available but acceptable. Look for such metallic colors as copper and gun metal. Sequence has come back in a big way also. It symbolizes luxury and opulence.

Best Bet: Shoes are a great way to add a metallic splash to your wardrobe, whether they are flats or pumps. Jewelry is another go-to accessory as well as a pretty blouse or a beautiful scarf.

4.Leather Everywhere- Everything from gloves and shoes to pants, jackets and dresses will be a hit this season. If this doesn't say 'Rocker', I don't know what does. Many items will further be embellished by metal studs for a tough look.

Best Bet: If you're not as experimental, stick to what you know-gloves, shoes, boots, jackets and handbags. Simply experiment with a different color style of leather.

5. Short Boots/Thigh High Boots-We've seen short booties for a little while now, so this is no surprise. They were re-introduced in the form of sandal booties and they are a trend that will continue. On the opposite end of the spectrum you'll see thigh high boots. The one thought that comes to my mind is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. These are not only fashionable but functional as the temperature drops. I would say this in an investment for the extremely style conscious.

Best Bet: If you're looking to buy fall fashion right now, invest in short boots, they will take you through the next few months and you can always wear them indoors. Thigh high boots are not necessary this early in the game.

6. Cinch that Waist!- If you haven't played around with belts, now is a good time. You can wear either skinny or wide belts depending on your outfit. Skinny belts are great for the office with buttoned cardigans or tailored dresses that meet the knee. Basically anything a bit more delicate and fitted can handle a skinny belt. Wide belts are great over a blazer or suit, a cotton or heavier weight dress, a bulkier coat, or simply to wear with a fun top and a pair of jeans. Belts with multiple buckles or embelishments are also very of the moment. Belts really add a lot to an outfit, they are a great accessory not to be without!

Best Bet: Buy one great wide statement belt in black. Since you'll want to get a lot of mileage out of it, be sure it is leather or well constructed. Also, invest in one skinny belt for the ever-popular cardigans this year. Select a belt that coordinates well with the cardigans/dresses you purchase. Go for something other than black.

7. 'Pop' of Color-As earlier mentioned, the rocker gun metals, metallics and new fun color copper are very popular this season. Other notable colors include elegant purples, deep reds and other jewel tones like rich teals. Purple is the color of royalty and it will be everywhere this season! If you buy one new thing this season, make sure it is in a eye-popping hue of purple. Orange and other citrus colors are notable for this fall season also. Orange outerwear is all the rage, so if you want to draw some attention, search for an awesome orange coat!

Best Bet: Buy at least one metallic piece and another in purple. Invest in a statement dress in purple or that contains purple such as a fashion forward stripe, a really great handbag/ clutch, or a killer pair of shoes! You can't go wrong!

8. Under Cover-Here's a new trend for the '09 season that we really haven't seen yet-black under color. What does this mean? Wear a colorful dress with a black turtleneck underneath and black opaque nylons or tights with boots. Basically, you are balancing out the color and adding depth with the black. With the popularity of leggings, this look is not only easily achievable but also extremely functional as the weather cools down and the need for layering begins.

Best Bet: Take a couple of your long tops or dresses and don't stop at just wearing leggings under them but especially if the top is more of a tank-top style or a sleeveless style, add a black turtleneck underneath and you're ready to go!

9. Classic Cardigans-In the spirit of layering up to keep warm, cardigans will not only keep your warm but are an important style trend this fall. They come in all shapes and sizes, long dress-like cardgans. Some button up, others tie up. You can look for short, cropped styles or long draped, casual versions. Our model below is none other than the fashion-forward First Lady herself, Michelle Obama.

Best Bet: Have both a long and short cropped cardigan on hand for versatility. A short cropped black cardigan and a long medium gray are staples for your wardrobe.

10. Ruffle Some Feathers!- Ruffles were one of the most notable trends among Spring '09 fashion. This trend is carried forward with bulkier materials and is showing up in a lot of accessories such as handbags, scarves and even shoes! Ruffles are so feminine and they really add a lady-like appeal and softness that balances out many of the more hard lines and toughness of the 80's inspiration.

Best Bet: For the office or formal occasions, a ruffled blouse is a great item to have in your closet. You can wear it alone, or under a belted cardigan as shown above. Alternatively a ruffled skirt or dress from the waist done is another wonderful piece.

Many of the same elements are still very of the moment. So, no need to get rid of what you already own. Simply, add a few new pieces into your wardrobe to amplify your style. Ballet flats are still very in and they are oh-so-comfortable, another noteworthy style is the asymmetrical look or single shoulder dresses and tops. Again, it's all about the shoulders so this is a look that is also here to stay for fall.

If you're on a budget, don't go all out and drop loads of money on one statement piece. Instead, check out stores like Target, Discount Department Stores, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, H&M and Aldo shoes. They'll have many items to choose from at very affordable prices.

I love color and I've been inspired by the sea of purple in the stores the past few months. Last fall I bought a purple faux crocodile skin fold-over clutch for a steal and I'm loving it even more this season. It is by far one of my favorite fall items and I only paid $13 for it. Proof that you can be frugal and fashionable!

What are your favorite 2009 fall fashion trends? Is there an item you have your eye on? Have you picked up some great finds already? Share with us and feel free to send a link to photos too! Also, check out my other post if you are looking to select a few trends but also dress classy on a budget.

Enjoy summer's final long weekend,

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