Friday, September 11, 2009


Last August I started a tradition of sorts in our home. It was something I wanted to do for myself for a while and that my husband could enjoy too. This all started before my last birthday when I was feeling rather reflective on what I had accomplished to date, what I still desired to conquer and the small things that really make me happy. Flowers were at the top of that list.

Sometimes you'll go to a nice hotel or visit an upscale salon or office where beautiful blooms are prominently displayed. Maybe it's an oversized white potted orchid or a stunning assortment of seasonal stems. I just love how fresh flowers make me feel. So, I decided that I would give that gift to myself every month in the form of a flower bouquet.

Flowers can be quite expensive so I am careful not to go to pricey floral shops but rather look to nature for some inspiring vase filler and take advantage of supermarket, farmer's market and roadside sales. About 10 minutes from my house off of a main road, a local orchid grower sells a multiplicity of healthy orchids at amazing prices starting at $5. Who can resist? But my main source is our local grocery store which often sells a dozen roses for less than $6. I try to buy beautifully scented and long living flowers to maximize my monthly gift. Alternatively, you can clip some flowers from your garden for the same effect.

As women, I think this is such a wonderful gift to give to ourselves. You need not limit them all to one vase. Especially for mixed bouquets, I'm notorious for splitting up each type and placing a vase on our kitchen table, one in my office, one in the bathroom, you get the idea. I just really love both the scent and femininity of flowers. Some days they have such a tranquil, soft quality and other days I love their ability to exude perkiness and vibrancy. Currently, I have some sunflowers displayed in both our kitchen and my office, which were a gift from my hubby when I first came down with a cold. They sure do have a way of cheering you up!

Have you ever thought of giving yourself this gift? If you follow my $6 plan, that's 20 cents per day! Less than a cup of coffee! What other gifts do you give yourself on a regular basis? Do you enjoy monthly massages, pedicures or special gourmet chocolates? We are worth it ladies! If money is tight, you could save up the cash in an account first and reserve it especially for yourself for the months ahead.

Let us know if you decide to give it a try!

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