Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saavy Sunday Shopping at JC Penney

I was inspired to do a little shopping today after receiving a JC Penney coupon in our weekly circular. It is essentially a $10 gift card as long as you purchase that amount or higher. There were some brief restrictions including fragrances, cosmetics, etc., but I wasn't going to pass this one up! I've used these coupons from them two other times, one time I purchased clothing and the last time it was jewelry.

I am on a budget at the moment as I am planning my next trip to visit my family and friends back home, so I'm quick to find sales for things I need. I also try to stay out of stores in general if I know that I'll find things that I can't afford to be spending money on at the moment. Hence, today's sale shopping.

Classy women don't spend money that they don't have. It is especially important in these economic conditions to be responsible and in control of our finances. That doesn't mean however, that we can't enjoy some fabulous finds at steep discounts along the way. The key is to master the art of using coupons, taking advantage of sales and clearances and remembering to bring those saved up gift cards to the store with us. That is why I'll be releasing a second book in early 2010 that will specifically focus on saving money without sacrificing the style you crave. It is a must read for anyone who dreams of the champagne lifestyle, but on a tap water budget. More to come on that later.

As an example of the types of sales I typically frequent, I wanted to show you what I got with my coupon today. I always try to stay as close to that $10 price point as possible so I can capitalize on the savings and only wind up paying tax. Luckily for me, there was a 30% off jewelry sale today too, so I got to use both the sale and the coupon!

The photo above is of my new chandelier earrings that I bought for only $2.77!! Below is another glimpse still in the packaging with discount info below:

Regular JC Penney Price: $18.00

Subtract 30% Discount: $12.60

Subtract $10 Coupon + tx: $2.77

Don't let my mediocre photos fool you, these sparkle and shine! I love them and can't wait to wear them soon. I can dress up a semi-casual look for evening or wear them with a cocktail dress.

Look out for JC Penney flyers that contain these coupons, they run this offer several times per year, especially during the holiday season.

I love sharing money-saving ideas and tips with others. Do you have any great deals you recently snagged or special sale tips?  Feel free to share them!

Happy Sunday,

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  1. Great tips, and I LOVE the earrings!! I'll be watching for those circulars!


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