Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Add a Signature to Blog Posts

Have you ever wondered how to create a signature for your BLOGGER blog posts? It's so wonderful to create a customized look to make it feel more like your own.

Classy women share great ideas and tips with others so that they too can be successful. So, in the spirit of sharing I'm going to provide this link to 'Mom's Who Blog' so you too can get the instruction to create your own. It will take about 15 minutes. It took me longer because I somehow made it complicated for myself. When I didn't automatically see my signature on my existing posts, I thought I had done something wrong. In actual fact, when you add a signature it will only show up at the end of all of your new blog posts going forward.

The great thing is My Live Signature is an easy tool to actually create your signature with loads of fonts to choose from, the size and even an option for a slanted signature. Once yours is complete I highly encourage you to copy and paste the HTML text into a word document that you can store in a computer file. This will be used for your post signatures.

If you had always wanted a great signature for your email, they'll give you an option for that as well via various email programs including Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Have an awesome Monday!


  1. Amazing. I have been trying to do the same but due to less knowledge I failed to add signature to my blog. But I am very excited that I found this article. Thank you for describing the complete process.


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