Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday 2021 Sales Guide

Happy Black Friday Ladies!! Today is officially the biggest shopping day of the year, and if you're anything like me, I avoid the lines and circling parking lots plus being surrounded by crowds as I shop in my PJ's cozied up by the fire.

Below I've rounded up the very best deals of the day ranging from fashion and beauty to items for the home for yourself and to cross those items for loved ones off your holiday list!


ALO YOGA // Up to 70% off sale + 20% off new arrivals

AMAZON // Hundreds of Black Friday deals in each department!

ANTHROPOLOGIE // 30% off everything

ATHLETA // 20% off your entire purchase!

BANANA REPUBLIC // 40% off all items

BAUBLEBAR // 30% off everything w/ code: BB30

BLOOMINGDALES // Take 25% off items listed aski2 “Take 25% Off”

EXPRESS // 40-50% off everything + free shipping on any order

GAP // 40% off everything, no code needed

J.CREW // 40% off everything + 60% off sale w/ code: BESTFRIDAY

KATE SPADE // Up to 50% off your purchase w/code: BLACKFRIYAY

KENDRA SCOTT // 40% off sitewide

KORAL // 45% off all workout leggings!

LULULEMON // Black Friday Sales up to 40% off

MACY’S // Up to 60% off, sales in all departments

NORDSTROM // Cyber deals up to 50% off

OLD NAVY // 50% off your entire purchase

REVOLVE // Up to 65% off!

SHOPBOP // Get 15-30% off sitewide w/ code: HOLIDAY

TARGET // Get 30% off apparel and accessories + 40% off bedding on 11/28-11/29

TORY BURCH // 30% off full-priced items & up to 50% off sale styles


BIOSSANCE // 30% off sitewide + free 11-pc gift with purchase

SEPHORA // Up to 50% off their bestsellers, 25% off Kiehl's  + free shipping

T3 MICRO // 25% off everything!

ULTA // Black Friday beauty items up to 50% off


THE CONTAINER STORE  // 20-25% off select items

HOME DEPOT // Up to 40% off tools and more

HORCHOW // Up to 40% off site wide w/ code: HOLIDAY

ONE KINGS LANE // 25% off sitewide + extra 10% off when you spend $600 w/ code: SAVE10

LULU AND GEORGIA // 25% off everything w/ code: THANKFUL

PIER 1 // Up to 90% off select items + save an additional 30% off w/ code: JH98Y6T

POTTERY BARN // Up to 70% off thousands of items + free shipping on bedding, pillows, throws & more

WAYFAIR // Black Friday Blowout up to 80% off

WEST ELM // Up to 70% off in-stock favorites

WILLIAMS SONOMA // Black Friday deals up to 50% off 

My favorite deals for myself so far were: 1. Jumbo size Biossance Omega Repair cream (a limited edition size) which has been amazing with the dry, cold Denver weather and comes with an 11-piece free beauty gift. 2. These black Koral lustrous high rise leggings that I will dress up from the gym to a night on the town (I own this matching mesh top already), and 3. I ordered 2 large size jars of Kiehl's avocado eye cream because

it's the only eye cream that truly hydrates and smooths. 

I'd love to hear what you're all buying today! Stay tuned as I add specific items in my instagram stories for you throughout the day (which will also remain in the BF/CM highlight in case you miss it before it disappears).

Happy Shopping!


Monday, February 8, 2021

The 7 Foods I Eat for Glowing Skin

My skincare goals have always been simple: focus more on caring for my skin than covering it up with makeup. In order to radiate clear, hydrated and glowing skin on the outside, it begins with what we put into our body on the inside. I've never been the girl who knows the latest and greatest concealer or brow pencils, but I can tell you how to make the tastiest healthy smoothies and snacks so that going au naturel and leaving the house without makeup is something you will feel confident doing.

A classy woman takes care of her body and makes nutrition and skincare a priority, along with exercise which brings oxygen and blood flow to the skin giving you that rosy glow long after the workout is done. I've been getting a lot of message recently about what I eat in a day and how I get such clear skin, so I want to share with you the 7 foods that I always eat to keep my skin youthful and glowing. Before I get into the foods though, I can't stress enough the importance of drinking adequate amounts of water daily for hydration. So, if you're eating nourishing foods, but cannot flush toxins out of you body, you won't be getting the maximum benefit. That said, ensure you're drinking 8 cups of water per day (2 liters), and a little extra on days you workout. This will also keep your skin soft, clear and hydrated to prevent wrinkles.

1. BERRIES-You ladies know I love my berries. Raspberries are the gold standard in our home, I eat a cup of them every morning first thing on an empty stomach. They are packed antioxidants, loaded with nutrients, protect against cancer, fight inflammation and improve your blood sugar and insulin response along with creating more glowing skin. They have high fiber content all while being low calorie and low sugar making them the perfect choice no matter what diet you subscribe to! Blueberries, strawberries, black berries and also acai berries are all high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

2. AVOCADOS- I don't know anyone that doesn't like guacamole, and there's a reason why avocado toast is so popular! Not only does it taste great, but avocado is one of the healthiest fruits we can consume. Their fat content actually helps us absorb nutrients from plant foods which is why adding them to a mixed green salad or your morning green smoothie is a win-win. The essential fatty acids keep our skin smooth and supple while consuming them, but they can also be applied to the face topically for a fantastic face mask sure to hydrated the driest of faces. 

3. ORANGE VEGETABLES- I couldn't just list one here, I love all orange veggies for radiant, clear skin. If ever my skin experiences a break out, the very first thing I do is reach for fresh carrots to juice (although the bottled version will do the trick), and I whip up a pan of roasted or baked sweet potatoes or pop some canned pumpkin into my morning smoothie. The high beta-carotene content  (Vitamin A) which creates the orange hue is what's responsible for clearing up your skin. It's okay to take a multi-vitamin, but if your skin could use a little help, be sure to supplement with Vitamin A and/or incorporate both of these wonderful orange veggies into your life.  

4. COLORFUL BELL PEPPERS- Colored ripe bell peppers (red, orange, and yellow) are packed with Vitamin C, which is needed to heal skin and assist with collagen production. Not all peppers are created equal though. Green peppers are actually considered to be 'unripe' and don't have the exact same benefits as their colorful hued counterparts. In fact, the red, orange and yellow bell peppers have 11x the amount of beta-carotene and 1.5x more vitamin C also! Beta Carotene and Vitamin A are responsible for supporting skin cells and healing blemishes just like other orange veggies mentioned above such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

5. FATTY FISH- While certain fish has high levels of essential fat called omega-3 fatty acids (which are bodies do not create on their own), not all fish are created equal. Steer clear of the larger variety such as swordfish, shark and tilefish which are all very high in toxic heavy metals such as mercury. Instead, opt for salmon (preferably wild-caught vs. farm-raised and do eat the skin-hint: that's where most of the omega-3 oils are found, tuna (canned is great vs. albacore, when verified that it has low levels of mercury present), along with trout, mackerel, and they tiny but nutritionally-potent sardines! These fatty fish lower your inflammation levels so they  keep your skin glowing and acne-free, hydrated and are essential for your hair, nails and brain also, which slows the aging process throughout your body.

6. MATCHA / GREEN TEA- As I'm writing this post I'm actually sipping on a mug of hot matcha latte. I drink it daily for the huge boost of anti-oxidants for my skin, but love the side benefit of helping to burn fat, especially if you're drinking higher grade ceremonial matcha which is pulverized made from the entire leaf and dried in the shade. It contains catechins (a type of polyphenol) that trap and inactivate free-radicals that would otherwise contribute to the aging process. The concentration in loose green tea or the tea bags is not nearly as high, so if you're going to drink green tea, make it matcha.

7. WALNUTS-These brain-shaped nuts are not only a powerhouse for your brain to prevent depression, improve motor function  and your memory but also boost your skin's Vitamin B levels, and have a high concentration of Vitamin E levels which are responsible for combating wrinkles and fine lines. Eating walnuts daily (roughly 8 is the perfect amount), will help improve your hair, skin and nails. If you're going to reach for a small handful of nuts, this is your best bet. They're easy to sprinkle into salads, oatmeal, granola and chia seed pudding.

8. HEMP SEEDS- Unlike other seeds, hemp seeds are unique in that they moderate oil production, so they keep your skin moisturized without clogging your pores, they sooth inflammation to minimize redness, can treat atopic dermatitis and have anti-aging properties. It is the perfect acne solution whether you're eating the hemp seeds or using hemp seed oil (different from regular hemp oil-you want the oil to come from the seeds themselves), it will keep skin hydrated but clear.

Added to this list would be herbs such as juicing celery for a detoxifying effect on the skin and clearing up conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and also turmeric either in raw root form juiced to drink or add to smoothies, or taken in capsule form. I like making Turmeric Golden Milk lattes (like this one above from Dr. Axe's new book Ancient Remedies) with coconut oil which is a fantastic concoction for minimizing and negating inflammation which is triggered by sugar-rich foods, dairy, sometimes grains, and acidic-foods and drinks such as coffee, red meat and more. 

We've heard it a million times, but drinking 2 liters of water per day (or half your body weight in ounces of water) is the surest way to not only keep your skin and body properly hydrated and supple, but also flush away the many toxins we're exposed to daily so that you won't experience breakouts and other skin conditions.

I'd love to know what you're eating for glowing, radiant skin! Leave a comment below.


Monday, November 30, 2020

Cyber Monday 2020 Sales Guide

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend with family and/or friends. Our little family made it special by taking a little road trip just us three over to Napa and spending our entire holiday at one of our favorite wine country properties (which you may have seen in instagram stories). We were cozied up by the fire, playing tennis, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying morning walks while taking in the beauty of all the colorful fall leaves that we don't typically see very much of in San Francisco. It was the perfect weekend and Lily asked us about five times if we could pretty please stay an extra day and confessed how much she loved it there, and cannot wait to go back. Here's a peek at last year's family Christmas photo in our matching family pajamas.

I've never been one to wake up and brave the Black Friday in-store deals, so Cyber Monday has always been the day I've most looked forward to as I prefer to curl up with a hot coffee in hand and enjoy shopping in my PJ's without enduring the crowds. I've rounded up the 25 best sales for you today in this little 2020 sales guide!


ALO YOGA // Up to 70% off sale + 20% off new arrivals
AMAZON // Hundreds of deals in every department
ANTHROPOLOGIE // 30% off everything
BANANA REPUBLIC // 50% off all items
BAUBLE BAR // 30% off everything with code: BB30
BLOOMINGDALES // Take 25% off sale and regular-priced items
EXPRESS // 50% off entire site + free shipping
FRONTGATE // Up to 70% off + free shipping
GAP // 50% off everything 
HARRY & DAVID // Up to 30% off everything
KATE SPADE // Enjoy extra 50% off w/ code: DEALSDOTCOM
KENDRA SCOTT // 30% off + 25% off fine jewelry 
LULULEMON // Up to 40% off
MACY'S // Up to 60% off in every department
NORDSTROM // Up to 50% off + extra 25% off clearance
OLD NAVY // 50% off your entire purchase, no code 
PINROSE FRAGRANCES // Up to 40% OFF, use code: CLASSY for free shipping
POTTERYBARN // 20% off your order + free shipping over $79 w/ code: CYBER
SEPHORA// Up to 50% off + plus free shipping
SHOPBOP // 20% off your order of $200 or more
T3 MICRO // 25% off everything w/ code: HOLIDAY25
TARGET // 30% off clothes + up to 50% off furniture
TORY BURCH // Up to 30% off full-price + up to 60% off sale w/code: THANKS
ULTA // Black Friday beauty deals + free shipping over $35
WAYFAIR // Cyber Monday Blowout up to 80% off
WILLIAMS-SONOMA // Up to 50% off including Nespresso machines & Kitchen Aid 


Let's Socialize!

I hope you're able to find some great deals on things you need for yourself or items you need to cross off your gift-giving list. Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

My Amazon Prime Day Picks

It's that time of year again to stock up on (mostly) electronics and start your holiday shopping with the Amazon Prime Day deals. Every year we buy a few items that are simply too good to pass up. This year we ordered several items including this cordless lightweight vacuum (since our current one broke down), the workout tops below and I'm debating whether I should finally make the leap over to the air pods pro just like Byron (he uses them everyday for conference calls, podcasts, workout music).

ONE- Many of you may have seen me wearing my rose gold apple watch in IG stories, I love it for monitoring my daily steps, calories burned, tracking my monthly cycle, taking phone calls, checking email while out for a run, listening to music with my air pods and so much more. My sweetie purchased it as a birthday gift for me in August and I'm getting way more use out of it then I ever thought I would, aside from keeping the time. We initially purchased a fancy wristband for it, but I returned it as I love the pale pink one it comes with. 

TWO- Backless Workout Top (I purchased it in pink and green) to pair with black yoga pants while working out at home for a casual, yet understated sexy vibe. I've been on the hunt for more backless sweaters and workout tops as they are both practical in keeping you cool as much as they are cute.

THREE- People have been raving about the Bose noise-canceling headphones for as long as I can remember for flights as well as working at home with kids and I've always written them off as too expensive to justify buying them, however at $100 off, they are a worthy splurge at a steep discount for you or that special someone on your holiday list! Given that we are in a pandemic and get peace wherever we can manage, this will make it that much easier.

FOUR- I have shared my love for my Vitamix on the blog and numerous times in stories where I make everything from healthy smoothies to nutritious soup from scratch! I used it constantly when Lily was a baby making homemade baby food for her and now she can't wait until we get to toss in fruit and dairy-free milk to make the best popsicles. I've always found mine easy to clean and it powers through everything including kale stalks which I love when making green smoothies. This is the latest model and it is beautiful! If you've ever wanted to own one, they are truly life-changing, and the price can't be beat right now!

FIVE- I have owned the regular wireless Apple air pods for a couple years and last Christmas I bought B the air pods pro. To say they are life-changing is an understatement. They stay put in your ears and they are noise-canceling. You can choose when you want to block out background noise and when you don't. I'm always stealing his when he's not using them and I think they are the PERFECT gift for basically everyone.

SIX- Since I spend a lot of time on my laptop and phone for work and creating content, blue light blocking glasses ensure that my body isn't absorbing the very light that causes sleep disruption, low energy and more. These were so inexpensive for a 4-pack that I couldn't not get them. I look forward to trying them out. I've never worn glasses and these come in a variety of fashionable styles.

SEVEN- We invested in the Echo Dot a couple years ago during another prime day sale and we use it all the time to set reminders to give Lily her vitamins, to do certain tasks, to play music and ask Alexa to tell us funny jokes or answer random questions. It's so cheap right now, if you've thought of getting one ever, now is the time, it's under $20!

EIGHT- With everyone required to be on zoom calls, doing distance-learning or in my case creating LIVE content via Facebook and Instagram, I thought it was time to upgrade from my laptop's built-in web cam by replacing it with a separate high-resolution web cam.


Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to know what Prime Day items you scored this year!

Friday, September 11, 2020

8 Bad Habits a Classy Woman Always Avoids

While there are many bad habits that a classy woman should be mindful to avoid, there are a few that stand out among the others, 8 to be exact, that separate the women from the classy ladies. I'm sharing what they are, along with why and how we should abstain from doing them.

8 Bad Habits a Classy Woman Should Avoid

1. Tardiness and Canceling Last Minute- I listed this first for a reason. If you do everything else in a way you're proud of but cannot respect others' time, you will have earned yourself the reputation of always arriving late. Not only is showing up tardy to an event or an appointment completely disrespectful, but it can also be incredibly disruptive, and can at times create an inconvenience logistically. Cancelling at the last minute, otherwise known as "bailing" is probably one of the worst offenders. I have attending weddings and beautiful high-end birthday parties where couples or individuals have decided very last minute (sometimes an hour before!) that they would not be attending, to the dismay and cost of the event's host who has paid for their plates or catering ahead of time. 

If you absolutely need to due to an unforeseen emergency, be sure to compensate the host for the cost with either a check or a more extravagant-than-usual gift as an apology. If you had a personal training session, dental appointment or spa visit on your calendar, canceling last minute doesn't allow the service provider time to earn back the revenue that they have now lost due to the cancellation, it affects a company or individual's bottom line and income. The right thing to do for prepaid lessons, is allow that session to essentially be a "paid" session even when you are a no show (after calling to state that you won't be able to make it) or offer to pay the provider for their time in the amount of the class/session. There is a reason why hair salons typically take a credit card to hold on file and will charge you 50-100% of the service you would have received.

2. Fidgeting- A classy woman is comfortable in her own skin and the style of clothing she chooses for herself, so she doesn't feel out of her element. Biting one's nails, picking the skin around your nails, cracking knuckles, making neck adjustments, pulling at your clothing, constantly straightening your outfit or needing to tuck it in are all distractions that fall under the category of fidgeting. A confident and refined lady does not fidget, she doesn't come across nervous or anxious. She's not constantly twirling her hair, re-applying lipstick or gloss. This comes across as immature and lacks self awareness. 

Do you remember the scene in the movie Pretty Woman where Edward tells Vivian on what I believe was their 2nd date "You look very beautiful and very tall when you're not fidgeting." Our beauty and essence as a woman are able to be appreciated when we're not constantly moving around and unable to sit still. Make sure that you're comfortable with your hairstyle, makeup and your outfit and footwear choice before leaving the house. When bracelets are clanging together on your arm, you're constantly re-adjusting your pantyhose that are one size too small or when you choose a new dress that isn't your style or heels that are too high which you don't feel comfortable in, it becomes apparent to everyone around you. This may involve you practicing in a higher pair of heels or a new style of dress at home. My article on 'How to Walk in High Heels' may be helpful. Spend the day wearing a new outfit, pair of shoes, hairstyle, etc., at home and consider it safe testing grounds so you know that a chignon or bun typically falls out after a few hours because you have thick hair or it was just washed and is too soft. Perhaps your new strapless bra tends to slide down after 10 minutes and you constantly have to readjust it, now you know to buy or wear a different one instead so you can move freely. 

3. Interrupting Others- I'm forever reminding my seven year old daughter not to interrupt mommy and daddy while we're talking (or anyone else she's with!) and to also raise her hand on zoom calls when she has a question for her teacher. That said, there are many adults whose impatience takes over who could benefit from this reminder (myself included at times). The more familiar we are with others, the more likely we are to interrupt so this is very common among couples, families and close friends. In order to make others feel both comfortable as well as valued and important in our presence, we need to put our own questions and ideas aside, and let them finish a thought or story. 

Sometimes I personally get so excited that I can't help but interject with a question I'm dying to know the answer to or I'll jump in and try to finish my sweetie's sentence. We are all a work in progress, this is an area that I'm working to personally become better at. When we do this we're also no longer in our feminine energy. It comes across as rude and tells the other person that what they have to share doesn't matter as much as what we have to say. None of us are perfect, but this is really important to master even if it means having to physically bite your own tongue to keep yourself in check! 

4. Using Foul Language- The language we use is a reflection of our character. Cursing is definitely not ladylike and should be avoided at all costs. In our modern world it may seem as though it's acceptable to let it all hang out and that swearing is not a big deal. I once saw a t-shirt that read "Classy but I cuss a little". I saw another that read " I'm an intelligent, classy, well educated woman that says "F" a lot". Let me start off by saying that for someone who is intelligent and well educated, one should have a much broader vocabulary and hopefully an equal sense of self-control. This immediately lowers your value in the presence of others, is inappropriate and makes others feel uncomfortable, especially those who aren't used to hearing it. If you have children, they are likely to repeat you and start speaking in the same manner. 

5. Excessive Smartphone Checking- Have you ever been in the company of someone whose eyes were glued to their phone's screen? I have personally experienced this and it makes you feel unimportant and it's incredibly rude. Smart phones, just like social media, have become black holes, they offer many benefits but are also one of the most common forms of distraction and can ultimately be time wasters. To be a feminine woman is to be present in the moment without constantly checking for the latest text message from your friends and the man you're dating, or waiting for an email from your boss. One way to remedy this is to turn off notifications (even if just temporarily). Using the 'do not disturb' feature during meetings, appointments and gatherings is an easy fix to keep you focused. However, it is our mindset that ultimately needs to shift if we want to be elegant ladies who truly aim to live in the moment leading with our best foot forward.

6. Slouching- It's been said that first impressions are everything, because sometimes we just don't get that second chance to show who we really are. That said, if you're working in an office slumped over your keyboard, you will not come across as the confident, healthy, strong and capable potential candidate for a promotion. Likewise, this is also unattractive to a potential partner as our body is not in it's elegant, ladylike form of elongation, and instead is hunched. Over time, if not corrected, slouching will erode your spinal health and can cause a permanent curvature of the spine. Practice improving your posture by sitting up straight daily (placing a mirror on your desk or a large mirror on the wall in front of your desk will cause you to take notice) along with either twice daily stretching and/or yoga to both stretch and strengthen your core muscles. Strengthening exercises can improve slouching along with other tools such as a posture corrector which can be worn under clothing inconspicuously and gently reminds you to pull your shoulders up and back. Doing this daily over time will encourage a straighter spine.

7. Being Too Loud-An elegant lady is never the loudest in the room, in fact she is the farthest thing from boisterous. Unless she is delivering a speech with a microphone in hand to amplify her message or alerting someone to immediate danger, her voice should remain at a moderate tone. Others will lean in just to listen to what she has to say and her tone is deliberate. This level of awareness also applies to the way that she plays music and listens to videos or TV and movies. She doesn't aim to blare her favorite artist at the highest possible decibel level, she is mindful of her neighbors and family members or even perfect strangers that may be within distance. A quiet woman is mysterious, she doesn't beg for attention nor make her entrance into a room an announcement. She arrives in style, on time and without a lot of fanfare. 

8. Talking too Much- Similar to being too loud, talking too much can come across as overbearing. A lady speaks when she has something important to say or ask. She doesn't ramble on incessantly about everything. She may on occasion get carried away with a topic she's passionate about, however she is mindful to gauge the interest level of others in her presence and also ensures that everyone has time to speak, so she isn't monopolizing the conversation with endless chatter. She knows that the focus should be on the host and other guests and asking questions is a surefire way that she will not be doing all the talking. Often times, women who lack confidence or who are insecure will keep talking as a way to alleviate nervousness or anxiety in groups, especially while in the company of strangers. This often leads to oversharing personal information or just talking for the sake of it to avoid a pause in conversation or the fear of being asked questions they don't wish to answer. The best approach is to ask others a question about themselves first such as how they know the host, something light and that everyone would be interested in learning. Be curious and interested in others and they will do the same. Keep your replies short and sweet without being curt. If you're asked more questions, do answer them but try not to turn it into a conversation about yourself. Talking too much and being too loud often go hand in hand.

If you know of any other specific 'bad habits' that should be on this list, I'd love to hear them! You can leave your feedback in the comments below or in our Facebook community.

Let's Socialize!

As always, thanks for reading!


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